Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chalkboard walls!?!?!

I really, really want to paint one of the walls in my kitchen with chalkboard paint!  I love the look of it but I am chicken.  I keep telling myself that it is only paint and I can repaint if I don't like it.  Should I paint it or leave it alone?  Hmmmmmm..... I feel a project coming on.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yummy cupcakes and craft fun!

We've been busy crafting and baking! Yummy Double Chocolate Chip Banana Cupcakes with Soy Nut Butter Frosting!  Peanut, Tree Nut, Egg, and Dairy Free. We won't let food allergies stand in our way of making delicious treats!!!

Pickle has been busy crafting this summer.  We love visiting Michael's Craft Store with our trusty 40%  off coupons!!!


"It's not what's in front of you that gets in your way, it's what's inside that holds you back". I chose this quote to go next to my senior portrait in my high school yearbook over twenty five years ago. I haven't thought much about this quote until recently.  My daughter graduated from high school last month and she has been very anxious about how quickly the summer is flying by.  She will be leaving the nest in a few short weeks to begin a new chapter in her life.  She will be living on campus away from home for the first time in her entire life.  What she doesn't realize is how strong she already is.  She does not see herself the way her Dad and I do.  We see this incredibly intelligent, hardworking, creative, loving young woman who has the entire world in front of her.  She can choose whatever path she desires. I have watched her work full time all summer and then come home each evening and paint for hours and hours.  Her artistic abilities are truly a gift from God.  Her art feeds her soul and calms her nerves.  She loses herself in her paintings and drawings.  She recently began selling her artwork to earn money for school.  She did this on her own.  She put herself and her artwork out there for the whole world to see.  She has figured out at way at the tender age of eighteen to earn money by doing something she is passionate about and truly loves.  I am in awe of her. 

I want to be that girl.  I want to put myself out there.  I want to do all of the things I have been too afraid to do in the past.  I want to be true to myself.  I want to be BRAVE just like my daughter!